This is the Chicky. She is the star of April 9 and has been since 1986. She may share a birthday with former Los Angeles Laker (and mouth-breather) Ryan Kelly*, but she has yet to share the birthday spotlight with the seven footer or any of the other Hollywood elites (Dennis Quaid**, High Hefner).

She tirelessly turns the heads of both strangers and Brians the world over. She eats healthy but has a soft spot for corndogs and is indiscriminate as to which (and how much) prosecco tickles the bottom of her nose. She makes it hard to string together a paragraph of cohesive descriptors because, when you think about her, her virtues and characteristics jump from continent to continent on the map of adjectives. She is both the tequila and the lime. The tree and the ornament. You can find her in orchestral arrangements and Woody Allen films and on solo drives through the PNW. She is the pressure building up in a pinched off hose just before the water balloon fight in which no one is safe.

Jennifer Lynne McQuade is almost entirely unaware of how slow-motion she is. She is in the song that plays as much as she is the subject in the frame. And all around her, in the background and on the side of the camera no one ever sees, there is a magic trick unfolding. And like some got-dang wildfire she smiles and laughs and teases out your timidity and hope. She changes your mind on miracles and their usefulness***.

She has a blog and a website to start. What better way for her to get started than to have her very own website to click around and wrestle with. If my experience building this tacky little site is any indicator, she shall be in need of a book made for dummies. So may she know how fulfilling the tedium of drawing ideas and dreams from the dark. May she continue to animate that which she is yet to encounter and be inspired as she has inspired.

This is a way to help get her started.

*Not a diss. Just the truth.

**Too good for the Mick?!

***The kind that don't just cure the ill, but also makes up for the lost time.