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Creating a more ethical closet, a safer beauty routine and a slower lifestyle is never about doing it perfectly, or all at once. It's about being aware that there are more choices out there than the fast, cheap, convenient ones. Choices that are mindful of others all around the world, of the effects on the environment, and ultimately, choices that can make us better versions of ourselves.

I'm still on this journey myself, and I always will be! But I want to simply share products, companies, makers, ideas and more that hopefully make the journey towards this kind of lifestyle just a little bit easier, and a whole lot more fun!

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While I have lots of clean beauty favorites that I'll be sharing on SeeThemShine, BeautyCounter has become a company I truly believe in. Not just because their products are so effective, but also for their high standards, transparency, and commitment to changing the Skincare and Beauty Industry at the highest levels.

It's why I became a consultant, and why you'll see many featured beauty products from their lines. So while I do receive commission for products purchased through me, I only promote and sell it because it has worked so well for me and my skin troubles over the years! Ask me any questions or shop my site!